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How to earn money with neobux?


I want to start earning, how can I join?

First you should have an AlertPay account.

This is where your income will go after you cashout from neobux.

You can join by clicking the link below:


Now that you have your Alertpay account you are now ready to join neobux.

You can join or register by clicking the banner below:

Or by clicking the link below:


Fill up the necessary information needed into the registration page.

Click the continue button to proceed with the registration and wait for the confirmation e-mail to arrive in your registered e-mail address. In case the confirmation e-mail doesn’t arrive, you can register again or repeat until you complete the registration process.

I am already registered, what should I do now?

In order to start earning you need to log into your account by inputting your username, password and verification code into the LOGIN page. You can directly type through your keyboard or you can use the ON SCREEN keyboard for more security.

Once you are logged in, click the View Advertisement TAB as shown below:

A list of ads will be shown, you must click and view these ads to earn credits.

The ad you selected will open and will be available for viewing, a progress bar will appear to indicate the viewing time required to get credit.

When the progress bar becomes full, a validation message will appear confirming the credit earned.

Close the finished ad and proceed to the next available ad for viewing.

After you finished viewing all the ads, you can check your account statistics by clicking your username.

A menu will be displayed showing your Account Summary by default.

From here you can see the number of your referrals, yours and your referral’s clicks, your account balance as well as your money received.

You can also cash out your account balance instantly once you reach the minimum cash out requirement by clicking the request your payment button ,

You can also upgrade/extend your membership’s time, advertise and buy/rent referrals by clicking the appropriate buttons for each features.

A statistics for the last 30 days of your payouts and your advertisement clicks are also available and are shown on the graphs monitoring how you progress in a daily basis.

You can also get your banner codes and referral link by clicking the Banners tab on the menu.

You can also navigate all other features by clicking their individual tabs from the menu.

There are also other features such as chat, forum and live chat which you can easily access by clicking their individual tabs on the main bar.

To keep you updated I recommend you to visit the forums regularly.

How does the Rent-a-Ref feature works?

Sometime in mid-June they will implement the rent-a-ref feature and the cost of investment are as follows:

Golden Members:
$0.20 per referral / month
Pioneer Members: $0.25 per referral / month
Standard Members: $0.30 per referral / month

Let's calculate the possible earnings:

Say we rent 100 refs @ 5 ads per day for 30 days = 15,000 clicks

Investment = $0.20 x 100 = $20 since I'm a Golden member

As a golden member you get $0.01 per referral click ($.005 for Standard)

Earnings: 15,000 x $0.01 = $150 per month

Net earnings is $150 - $20 = $130 Wow thats a whooping 650% return....

SEE... we only calculated it at 5 ads a day, there are days that it can reach up to 10 ads.... and that is for renting 100 refs only.

Here's the maximum quantity of refs you can rent per month:

Golden Members: Maximum of 1500 referrals
Pioneer Members: Maximum of 300 referrals
Standard Members: Maximum of 100 referrals

Thank you very much and enjoy earning with Neobux.

iRonnie said...
June 7, 2008 at 5:46 AM  

nice. parang wpp lang. /gg

Kenley said...
March 4, 2010 at 8:22 PM  

I like what you are doing here with all of the info. It is a lot so I will be back to read more. I just started Neobux about a week or so ago and am up to 60 cents or so. I hear the way to do it is with the referral systems (renting). Keep it up.

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