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Meet the other ME : A homedad to my dearest son Raphael Jaydrek


Aside from keeping myself busy doing the daily tasks and obligations demanded by my on-line business and investments I have another role to keep.... which is being a HOMEDAD.

Is it a tough role?

Yes it is! Having on-line business on the side its tough but who can resist that charming smile, tingling giggles and soft touches of his little hands, me? Nah! ... I will give up everything for him anytime.

Hug and Kiss me, please!

What are the tasks?
  • Diaper Changes (DC)
During the first days I would say Yuck! what's that smell? It gives me nose bleeds (Just kidding).
Eventually you will get used to it though and you will never get your day complete without it.

I am not monitoring the time between DCs but I think I'm doing it every 2 to 4 hours or whenever our
room smells like the Yuck thing! a tough one.
  • Milk Shakes (MS)
I'm glad I have Mr. Electric Kettle and Mr. Sterilizer with me. Both of them made my life easier in just
a click of a button. Mr. EK boils the water for me in under 2 mins. while Mr. S makes the milk bottle
sterile in under 5 mins. Simply amazing!

MS are fed up to 6 times a day after mixing the required scoops of milk to water ratio. Easy!
  • Bottle Wash (BW)
After the MS are fed, of course there's the empty bottle to take care of. I have a total of 9 bottles on
rotation as soon as I got 3 of those I wash them up and turn over to Mr. S for sterilization. Easy!
  • Being Silly (BS)
Whenever he is awake only 2 things happens, he cries or he smiles at you. When he smiles I just smile
back but when he cries that's trouble! I will immediately check if he needs DC or MS but if both fails
the next thing I'm doing is to be BS then his smiles are all ears. I wonder why?

While he is sleeping...

Of course this is the best time for business as usual... and also a time for BW among other things.

So what do I think about being a Homedad?

I was an Engineer for 10 years, I trained and managed people, successfully done many projects and was successful in my field. My decision to becoming a Homedad is very very much worth it. I got rid of my boss and the demands that goes along with him. Haha! I have now the full control of my time and be my own boss (of course my wife is really the big boss) and most importantly I am with my dearest son Raphael Jaydrek. Finally, being a Homedad is a wonderful experience...

Here's a few snaps of my Raphael Jaydrek

Edwin Sanchez said...
October 17, 2008 at 9:24 AM  

Hi Jay,
Congratulations! You're already there. I also want to get rid of my day job (not necessarily my boss as he is good to us). I am active at looking at options and I'm glad I've met Gem and you. It seems that there are lots of options nowadays as more and more people are moving to work at home. The more I think of going into this, the more I see that it is very possible. I have a 4-year old daughter and she always doesn't want me to go to the office. She's sad when I still do. I want to be in the same situation like you for my family and I'm slowly going there. Thanks for all the help in the tambayan.

Gem said...
October 17, 2008 at 12:51 PM  

Oh great! Handsome little man! Must be pampered well. Haha!
I have an 8-year old daughter.. Here's more more of her in my other blog: My Daughter Goes to School

I miss those diaper stages. She insists doing thing on her own, like taking a bath.

9 bottles! I did not have that much when I took care of my kid.

Boss really runs our lives. I had a very bad boss before I left - not my own opinion, but the guys who were also under his command gave up their jobs because of him.

Glad to meet you too. I know guys feel sad too when they leave for work. I worked in a previous job where I always end up in a room full of men (hehehe, don't get me wrong). At one point some of them would tell me that it also hurts for them to see their kids sad when they leave for office.

Homedad said...
October 17, 2008 at 2:50 PM  


Thanks! Actually being a Homedad is a perfect setup for me. I got to be with my son while I got more time to focus on my on-line ventures. A two birds in one stone shot (or make it 3 including getting rid of my boss, haha for him!). Earning on-line has limitless potential and I realized this since I started last year 2007. Now I am already enjoying the rewards and just keep investing the profits for more. Financial freedom is just a few steps away, we only need to make that step. Our tambayan was actually founded with the sole purpose to help our fellow Kabayans to having their on-line earning experience safe and fun...

Homedad said...
October 19, 2008 at 12:56 PM  

Yeah he's a Homedaddy's boy haha!
It's 9 bottles rotated (6 nos. of 120ml & 3 nos. of 250ml sizes)
Actual MS feeds are around 4 - 5 in 24 hours but its good to have spare bottles...

Ps. Beautiful daughter you got there...

pchi said...
October 20, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

wow! it still shocks me sometimes so see homedads

well, my father was! and I am very close to him

I even think of delaying marriage because of him (haha)

I think if you invest your time in your kid, you will reap the reward and his love

I am joking my bf to be homedad in the future as well (he's also an engineer like you) haha

raphael is so cute! pakurot naman po

Gem said...
October 23, 2008 at 12:59 PM  

Ano kaya ang feeling ng lumaki sa homedad. Mas marami kasi ang fathers na nasa workforce. :)

Thanks. I have not uploaded all the pics with my daughter. I plan to do this by batch.

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